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A historic village

A historic village


The Canadiana Village, a historic site born from the passion of a couple 

The history of the Canadiana Village

Canadiana" is the story relived in a few hours of what was everyday life at the beginning of the century. It is also the result of more than twenty-five years of patient recovery carried out by a couple in love with Canadian heritage.


It all started in 1950, when Mr and Mrs Earle and Nora Moore bought a 140-acre site located in Rawdon. At that time, the site only included the farm house (Farm House, 1867) that belonged to one of the pioneers of Rawdon, Mr George Copping. In order to furnish the house in an antique style, the Moores began to attend auctions and then discovered a passion for antiques. In addition, the latter noticed that a maddening quantity of historical pieces was heading for the United States and the Moores then began to "save from export" the testimonies of our know-how and our history. Quickly, the space runs out to store furniture and objects, and the opportunity to buy a first historic building arises. So whenever they learn that a historic building is about to be demolished, the Moores try to get it for the best price.

Over time, through purchases and certain donations. the Moores brought together: a school (Logan School House, 1835), a general store (General Store, 1884), a blacksmith shop (The Amos Riddell's Blacksmith Shop, 1895), a covered bridge (Edward's Bridge, 1888), a rectory ( 1835), a church (St-John's Church in Kildare, 1849), the Westgate house (1830), a grain mill (Rowan's Mill or Grill Mist, 1867), a doctor's office, a notary's house, a veterinarian... Each of the buildings is furnished with period supplies.

Gradually, donors and history buffs came to visit the site, and the word spread, and thus the Canadiana village-museum was born. Considered a major attraction in Quebec in the 1980s, the site was open to the public until 1996 with nearly 30,000 visitors.


Since then, the place has been operated exclusively as a filming site and has hosted more than a hundred film productions, including several international productions featuring top actors such as Richard Gere, Bruce Willis and many others. More recently, the site has been the outdoor filming location for the series "The Pays d'en Haut". The site is well known in the region and in neighboring towns and many Lanaudière residents are nostalgic for the Canadiana Village of their childhood.


Moore bedroom.JPG

The Canadiana Village today

The Canadiana Village site is currently a film studio.From summer 2023, the Village offer will expand: 


5 "pioneer" glamping tents will be available for rent. Visitors will thus have privileged access to the Village while enjoying an improved camping experience in des 


The Canadiana Village will be available for rental for weddings and private events.

The project "Town Canadiana"

The Canadiana Village wishes to offer a variety of unusual accommodation experiences, inspired by the world of cinema on its site. Indeed, in addition to the historic village section, the site is also a preserved natural space crossed by the Red River. Future accommodation offers will allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the site while living an immersive experience in an atypical setting.


The Canadiana Village Foundation

In 2021, the Canadiana Village Foundation was created to preserve the site's heritage as well as promote Quebec and Canadian heritage, arts and culture through various immersive experiences.

Heritage preservation

The Foundation works to conserve and preserve the important collection of antiquities in the village as well as its buildings historical. 

Reopening of the site by 2025

The Foundation is working to revitalize and reopen the Canadiana Village site to the public by 2025. 


Preparation d_un spectacle immersive

In order to contribute to the development of Lanaudière's original cultural offering, the Foundation is working to develop shows and immersive experiences on its site.

To contact the Canadiana Village Foundation 



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