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A historic village

A historic village

The Foundation of Village Canadiana

Preservation and promotion of heritage

The Canadiana Village Foundation

In 2021, the Canadiana Village Foundation was created to preserve the site's heritage as well as promote Quebec and Canadian heritage, arts and culture through various immersive experiences.

Heritage preservation

The Foundation works to conserve and preserve the important collection of antiquities in the village as well as its historical buildings

Reopening of the site 2025

The Foundation is working to revitalize and reopen the Canadiana Village site to the public by 2025. 


Preparing for a immersive show 2025

In order to contribute to the development of Lanaudière's original cultural offering, the Foundation is working to develop shows and immersive experiences on its site.

Évènements passés de la Fondation

De Piazzolla à Peterson - 27 août 2023
Classique hivernale 2023
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