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A film studio since 1986 that has hosted more than 100 productions.

Filming in the Village

The "village" portion  of the site includes more than 40 historic buildings (19th century) including: a church, a mill, a saloon, a general store, a school, an inn, a shoemaker, a forge,a printing press, a prison, a farm, barns, and several period houses of various styles. 


Around the village is a vast hilly natural area, crossed by the Red River, made up of deciduous and coniferous forest.

The site offers a wide variety of settings: western village, colonial, country, rural, or ghost town, the possibilities are endless. Productions can rent a building, a portion of the site or the entire site depending on their needs.


A wide variety of decors are possible on the Canadiana Village site, both for historical and contemporary production. 

Main street and saloon

Farm, barns, covered bridge, dirt roads

Period houses, general store, specialized buildings (mill, forge, printing works, tinsmithing, shoemaking, millinery, post office...) 


Lake and river, coniferous and deciduous forest, large preserved spaces

Church, school, inn, various houses, cemetery 

Furnished interiors

Furnished period interiors on request

Facilities and services

The site has facilities adapted to film productions and various services to accommodate the teams. 

500W electricity underground throughout the village

Toilet block (2023)

Private parking lot with 200 spaces

Lake and waterfall with water level control

Prophouse on site

Excavation and forestry service on demand

Heritage PropHouse

Period furniture and accessories

Specialist in furniture and accessories from the 18th to the 20th century for the cinema, Heritage Prophouse is available for productions, directly on the Canadiana Village website. 

Music Store Vintage

Information request

For any request, contact us by describing your project and your needs and we will be happy to give you all the necessary information.

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