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A historic village

A historic village

The Canadiana Village

Accommodation - Rental - Cultural events

Canadiana Village

The Village Canadiana is a reconstituted historic village, made up of about fifty buildings located in Rawdon in Lanaudière. The village was a museum village in the 1980s and 90s and later became a film studio. 


Today the Canadiana Village offers in particular:  


The Canadiana Village will offer a variety of immersive accommodation experiences on its site, in atypical accommodations inspired by the world of cinema. Indeed, in addition to the historic village section, the site is also a preserved natural space crossed by the Red River and offers departures for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails. From the summer of 2023, 5 "pioneer tents" will be available for rent. Visitors will thus have privileged access to the Village while enjoying an improved camping experience.

Site rental

It is possible to rent the site, for a filming or private event.

Shows and cultural events 

From summer 2023, shows and cultural events will be offered in the village. 

Visit of the historic site 2025

The historic village section of the site will be open to visitors from summer 2025. 

Village buildings

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