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Foire au questions

  • Is the village open to the public?
    The village is not currently open to the public. However, by renting accommodation at the Canadiana Village you have access to the historic village section. The village is also available for hire for filming or private events.
  • Will the village be reopened to the public?
    Yes, the Canadiana Village Foundation is working on this. The reopening is scheduled for the summer of 2025. In the meantime, events will be organized at the Canadiana Village.
  • When can we rent accommodation in the village?
    Accommodation units will be available from summer 2023. It will be possible to book overnight stays from spring 2023.
  • Can we visit the village if we rent an accommodation unit?
    Yes, accommodation unit customers have exclusive access to the site.
  • Are animals accepted on the site?
    Animals are accepted, they must be announced and kept on a leash at all times.
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